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In June, it seems I started my summer off by reading about women who got the chance to start over and make the life they always wanted. All three of these books are about women who experience something that completely changes their life in some way. If you love to see someone have the courage to go after their dreams, all three of these books are for you!

The Messy Lives of Book People

Writing – Transition – Bravery

Liv is a cleaner for a reclusive author she has admired her whole life. When the author dies, she leaves a quest for Liv that will change her whole life, if she has the courage to accept it.

The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie

Magical – Second Chance – Life Affirming

When Lolly’s aunt gives her three magic lemon drops, Lolly gets the chance to see what her life could have been like. Will she be able to follow that life or is she stuck in the life she has.

Esme Cahill Fails Spectacularly

Going Home – Family – Summertime

Divorced and jobless, Esme returns to her Grandparent’s lakeside resort where she grew up. Realizing that the resort is in financial trouble, Esme jumps in to help out. Is her life to be spent here in her past or will she return to the publishing world she left behind?