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By: Pamela Terry

When we arrive in the small town of Wesleyan, Georgia, a beloved man is dead, a statue has caused the town to split in two and an ice storm is on the way. When the ice shuts down road and bursts pipes, the new widow, Marietta, finds herself with three unlikely visitors, each with their own griefs going on. I found When the Moon Turns Blue a very interesting picture of what can divide a community and whether or not it can be put back together. Dealing with issues every southerner is familiar with in a civil war statue under fire and an upcoming race for mayor, Terry plops us right in the middle of small town life and we feel like we have always been there. Like most books set in the south, even those written by people who live here, there are far too many made up phrases. However, if you are someone who has ever run to the Kroger to buy bread and milk before the ice storm, or you want to know what that is like, preorder this one now, it comes out 2/21/23.

I received a galley of this book from NetGalley in exchange for this review.