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It’s time to catch up on some of my NetGalley ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies). These are some that I can’t wait to find out whether I will be recommending them when they come out soon!

The Santa Claus Agreement

By: Derek McFadden

This story is billed as a heart warming Christmas tale, so I am hoping this one will make it on to my to read for the Holidays list for 2023. (See previous list here) McFadden writes characters who have the same form of mild Cerebral Palsy as he does. His characters are relatable for everyone and I can’t wait to see how Santa comes in to play.

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands

By: Heather Fawcett

This one has been TBR for a while, so it’s probably time to get to it. The second in the Emily Wilde Series, Map of the Otherlands brings the fairies to Emily instead of the other way around. While trying to map the Otherlands, lands of the Fae, Emily runs into trouble as her friend Bambelby is threatened once again by his mother, who is trying to kill him. How will they get out of this one and will they find the back door Bambelby has long been searching for?

A Game of Lies

By: Clare Mackintosh

What could go wrong with a reality TV show filmed in remote Welsh mountains where every contestant has a deep dark secret the others are trying to expose? Well, someone goes missing, the stakes get higher and then there is a murder. DC Morgan must figure out what is going on behind the scenes. This one just feel so much like Shetland, that I couldn’t resist. This is the second in the series, so I will try to get to the first one, The Last Party, before I start on this one.