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April was a prolific reading month for me. This month I completed 10 books! One of which was on audio, which is a relatively rare format for me to read.

If We’re Being Honest

Family Secrets – Grief – Love Story

I was surprised by how much I loved this book after reading the first chapter. It opens at Gerry’s, the patriarch of the family, funeral where his best friend’s drunken eulogy includes the surprise announcement that the two men were secret lovers for years. Since the widow, her four kids, and three grandkids are stuck in town waiting for wedding the next weekend, they have no choice but to deal with the fallout.

If We’re Being Honest is a wonderful tale of returning to a hometown where your past is right outside the door. It alternates between all of the family members, but it seemed sweet and not confusing. The grief at the loss of Gerry is so well written, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has some very recent loss, but for anyone else, I would press it into their hands.

The Golden Spoon

Competitive Cooking – Murder – Delicious Baked Goods

I picked up The Golden Spoon at the local library because I saw it advertised as a cross between Clue and The Great British Bake-off. It did not disappoint. Six contestants show up at a manor house in Vermont to compete in a week long baking contest.

This book also alternates point of view through the contestants and the hosts. And believe me, there is a lot going on with all of them. When one of them is murdered, things really start to heat up. The murder happens early in the book, and then we flash back. Most of the story is actually about what has brought them all to this place and not concerned with who the murderer is.

This was a fun read (despite the murder) and the descriptions of all the baked goods will have you salivating!

Big Trouble on Sullivan’s Island

Murder – Beach – Quirky Characters

I have enjoyed author Susan Boyer’s light, fun series centered on Liz Talbot and her beloved Stella Maris island home (purchase series here). I decided to read this first book in what is supposed to be a new series in the audio format provided by NetGalley in exchange for this review. That may have been my mistake.

I am not sure if it would have been different if I had read the paper book, but this book was only ok for me. I did not like the main character, Hadley, at all. She wasn’t all that great, but everyone treated her like she was the greatest person in the world. There was no magical element, like in the Liz Talbot books, which I really missed. And finally, I couldn’t get in to what was actually a really good mystery story because it seemed to be interrupted by constant reminders that Hadley only ate Whole Foods and plants and other people’s diets were evil.

I’d skip this one and read the Liz Talbot series instead.