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In March, I did a lot of reading for my #BrownDogReadingChallenge, see the updates here. I also somehow read a lot in some series. Here are some of the highlights, get more than you bargained for with these three reads as they all lead to series.

Murder at Marble House

By: Alyssa Maxwell

Murder at Marble House is the second in the Gilded Newport Mystery series. I love this series because I do love Newport and especially stories of it’s gilded age. Having visited several times and toured the summer “cottages” of the Vanderbilts, et al. I love reading stories where I can picture them happening.

The Henna Artist

By: Alka Joshi

I also, for some reason have an affinity for stories that take place in India. Even better, when they center around the culture of the females. In The Henna Artist, Lakshmi is a talented henna artist forced into scandal by hr proximities to Jaipur’s elite families. The descriptions of her art and the houses she visits are beautiful and her journey is a great read. I am currently reading the second in the series- The Secret Keeper of Jaipur.

The Long Call

By: Ann Cleeves

Ann Cleeves wrote the Shetland Series, which I have enjoyed watching on television. I decided to give her new Two Rivers Series a try when I received a free NetGalley of The Long Call, the first in the series. Matthew Venn, her new main character is in the same vein as DI Jimmy Perez. He is calm and introspective and doesn’t let many people in, including his new husband who will become involved in his latest case. I was kept guessing in the Long Call, it had a lovely cast of characters. Fans of Shetland will recognize the methodical police work and the team dynamics in the police room.