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By: Rebecca Stead and Wendy Mass

I love to pick up a young readers book every now and then to have a fun, little read. I got this one as an audio ARC from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review. The Lost Library intrigued me as the mystery was all started by the appearance of a Little Free Library and one of the narrators is a cat!

Even stumbles upon the Little Free Library at the very end of his elementary school career and carefully selects two books. Little does he know these books will take him on a journey to find out what happened when the library in his small town burned down and why has it never been rebuilt.

Parts of the mystery are pretty predictable, but remember this is a story for children. The audio book left me a little confused as the POV changed from chapter to chapter, but I just do better with that in paper book form. My one big complaint (and this may also be audio related) is that two of the characters sounded so sad all the time and the others most of the time. It kind of left me feeling sad when I would listen to it. I think it would be better as a parent/child read together from the paper copy.