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So, I recently joined a book club that meets near my house. It has been a great way to meet people who also love to talk about books. I have never really been in a book club before. I am finding it to be a little different than I expected. People are more willing to share than I really thought, but also, no one brings the book. Some of them listen on audio, but I brought my book to the first two and then had to hide it under my napkin. These are the next three books we have on our schedule. And as a bonus, I am thinking of volunteering to lead and bring my suggested book- Oona out of Order!

The Covenant of Water

By: Abraham Verghese

Tedious is the word that comes to mind with this one. 715 pages long and even though I maybe got through 30%, that was too much. Too much detail, too much of a man trying to write from a woman’s point of view. Supposedly set in the early 1900s, it seemed to be out of a much earlier time period. I think that was the point, how much life changed in the 1900s, but I just really didn’t care enough to read anymore, even if it was for the book club. Lots of people have rated it five stars and it was an Oprah pick, so I am anxious to hear what people liked about it.

Happiness for Beginners

By: Katherine Center

I am excited to read this one. It has been made in to a show for Netflix, so it must be decent at least. It is also billed as a feel good read, which is always a good choice for November. And it takes place in Wyoming. I am headed there in May and I do like to read books set in places that I am looking forward to traveling to. The only drawback I see to this one is that the main character is 32 and they kind of act like that is old!

The Housemaid’s Secret

By: Freida McFadden

When I saw the second book in a series on the schedule, I was a little worried, as I hadn’t read the first. I had heard about it but it never really got on my radar. I am so glad it did! I checked the first in the series- The Housemaid – out of the library and I was hooked. I like that it’s a little twisted, both in plot and the characters. They have a dark side that makes them more suspenseful. I am glad that Millie is going to get to continue her “work”. This is not good, clean fun reading, but I devoured it and can’t wait to get to the second one.