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UPDATE!!- I am all done! See Below for the books that make up my #BrownDogChallenge22! Comment if you have finished yours!

UPDATE- I am now 8 books into my #BrownDogChallenge22. Just 4 to go!

UPDATE~ I am four books in to my #BrownDogChallenge22. Here are the ones I have so far. How are you doing? Let me know on social media using #BrownDogChallenge22

The Victory Garden

From a Little Free Library

Touch Not The Cat

Published the Year I was born (1976)


Set in a state I have never visited (Hawaii)


Mentioned in another book (Blush)


A book with a month in the title.

Murder at the Breakers

The First Book in a Series

All Systems Red

A book with less than 200 pages

The Ride of Her Life

A non-fiction book.

My Family and Other Animals

A book where an animal is a main character.

The Grand Design

A book published in 2022.

The Guncle

A book with a yellow cover


A book with a one word title

Get ready to have a great reading year in 2022. I have put together a one book a month reading challenge. Join the club and broaden your reading horizon. Tag your progress in social media with #BrownDogChallenge22.

  1. A book with a month in the title – Suggestions
  2. The first book in a series- Suggestions
  3. A book with a yellow cover- Suggestions
  4. A book published the year you were born
  5. A book set in a state you have never visited
  6. A book with less than 200 or more than 500 pages- Suggestions
  7. A book mentioned in another book on this list
  8. A book with a one word title- Suggestions
  9. A book from a Little Free Library- Locations
  10. A book published in 2022
  11. A non-fiction book – Suggestions
  12. A book where an animal is a main character- Suggestions

Here is a downloadable bookmark to track your progress.