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I’m headed out of town soon and as usual have spent a lot of time curating the list of books I want to take. There will be a few more, but these are representative of what I will read on the porch, the beach, and anywhere else I can find a place to sit.

On my Kindle- this book is set near where I will be staying. It was surprisingly hard to find anything but romances set on St. Simon’s Island. You would think such a picturesque island would lead to more stories. Maybe I should write one while I am there.

Hardback Book- I have been saving this one up for my trip. The second book in The Royal Street Series by Karen White. Her series are always good for a beach read.

Audio Book- For the ride there and back, I always have to have a mystery to keep my attention. This is an ARC of a book that comes out in late July, so is available for preorder. Quinn is the author of the wonderful Chet and Bernie series and this is the first book in his new series. Whether or not his new protagonist is as charming as Chet the dog, we will find out.