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It is time for back to school! Now, I don’t teach or have kids in school, but I do love it when the school supplies start showing up and I can get a new Trapper Keeper or spiral notebook. I also love that things seem to get back on a schedule for all of us. I love being on a schedule. So this week, I thought I would take a look at adding some back to school themed books to my TBR. I also need some recommendations- what is your favorite book set on a college campus?

Doing Some Learning

These two books are for adding some knowledge, even if you aren’t heading back to school.

Shakespeare in a Divided America is an exploration of what Shakespeare’s plays can tell us about our society today. We’ve heard that Shakespeare wrote every story ever told, so how can view our culture today through his lens? This one book gives you political science, humanities and literature all in one!

The Professor and the Madman tells the unusual story of how the Oxford English Dictionary was compiled and the bizarre man who was its largest contributor. I have never before even considered how the dictionary came to be and the people who were instrumental in bringing it about, but this story was so intriguing, I had to add it to my TBR.

In Case you don’t want summer to end

You can keep it going in your reading spot. Here are two that I didn’t even get added to my TBR until here at the very end of the summer. But it’s still very hot here in the south, so it’s ok to keep the summer reading going, right?

Vacationland is set in Maine, which makes i great if you are also playing along in my Summer Bingo. An author escapes to her parents in Maine hoping the change in scenery will help her get herself back together. Isn’t that what we were ll hoping for in the summer. And did we get there?

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel is set in the Catskills. The Catskills! As someone who goes back and just watches the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episodes that take place in the Catskills over and over again, this one has to go on the list!