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I stumbled upon the Nevermoor Series as an accident. I had thought the series had been made in to a tv show, but that was actually “Evermoor’. What a happy accident! I have loved reading this series, so much I keep trying to push it off on my 12 year old niece, who is not having it.

Morrigan Crow is a child who is dreading her 11th birthday. According to local legend, she is cursed child and this will be her last. All cursed children die at midnight on their 11th birthday. But if she did, this would be a really short series! Morrigan, of course, survives with the help of Jupiter North and is whisked away to Nevermoor. This begins an often perilous, but magnificent new life for Morrigan. She gets to live in a magical hotel, ride the Brolly rail and make many new friends.

Not since Hogwarts, have I read about a place as magical as Nevermoor. It’s a delightful place full of vibrant characters, even the evil ones. I can’t recommend this series enough, for all ages.