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By: Joshilyn Jackson

*** Spoilers Included In Review***

I have loved most of Joshilyn Jackson’s books, but this is definitely the exception. I wanted to include spoilers in this review, which is not normally what I would do, but while most of the book is bad, the ending is what makes it not worth reading. Jackson’s thrillers always are a bit dark and have an edge, but this one seemed dark for dark’s sake.

The main character, Mirabel, is an actor who has a very creepy stalker. She moves across the country to Atlanta to escape him. Atlanta is her hometown and there is a non sensical story line about her ex husband, but that could have totally been left out. And while she was scared enough to move, she was not scared enough to make better decisions about staying in TV (hello…IMDB will tell your stalker right where you are) leaving her autistic daughter alone and just letting men she hardly knows sleep on her couch. So is she scared or not?

Then toward the end, it turns into a whole other creepy story about teenagers who make bad decisions, but never have to pay consequences. They even kill a man and that is just left alone since he was a bad man.

And that stalker that was supposedly the main story line, several suspects are introduced in the store, but no, it’s just some random crazy guy.

Give it a pass and choose one of her other novels. Any other.

I received a free Galley of this book from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review.