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The Guncle

By: Steven Rowley

This book has been all over the place. I wasn’t sure whether it would be for me or not, so I put it off. I should have picked it up right away! This story of a gay uncle- Guncle- taking care of his niece and nephew for the summer at his Palm Springs bachelor pad turned out to be a winner. It was funny while at the same time managing to be so inspiring and heartwarming, I raced right through it. I chose this one as my “Book with a Yellow Cover” for the Brown Dog Reading Challenge and you should too! You will laugh and cry and wish for a Guncle of your own.

The Attic on Queen Street

By: Karen White

I will admit to not being sure whether or not I wanted to pick up this conclusion to the Tradd Street Series. I have loved all of them except the previous one. It made our beloved Mellie a little unlikable. I did read it however, and while Mellie only partly redeems herself, it did make me remember what I love about Karen White’s writing. It is comforting and easy and a way to escape for a little while. I am definitely looking forward to the next series- The Shop on Royal Street.

Magpie Murders

By: Anthony Horowitz

Not THE Magpie Murders. That becomes very important in this twisty and turny mystery novel set in the world of publishing. After hearing about this book on a podcast, I expected much more shocking twists. There were some twists in this book, but it just made it seem so much longer. It is an innovative, different sort of Mystery novel, but you do have to have the patience to get there.