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By: TJ Klune

I have enjoyed many of Klune’s novels in the past, so I was very excited to receive a galley of In the Lives of Puppets from NetGalley. Puppets is a loose retelling of Pinochhio, but is set in a world inhabited mainly by androids ( I think calling them robots is too simple and have been getting ready for the next season of The Mandalorian). Even in this world, Klune manages to make you think long and hard about the humanity of yourself and others. The characters are lovely and you will want to take Rambo and Nurse Ratched home with you!

This was, to me, not on par with his other books in terms of story telling. The plot was forced and seemed to be trying to make a few too many statements on what is wrong with society today. It was also super cringey for there to be so much sex in a book with only one human in it.

Overall, I would choose any one of Klune’s other books over this one.