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I don’t know if you feel this too, but sometimes having books from the library stresses me out a little bit. I have a deadline and so many books to read! And I keep books checked out on both my Kindle and my library table so that’s even more deadlines! Here are three that I am hoping to get to before they are overdue!

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

By: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Billed as both historical fiction and science fiction, the Mexican Gothic writer, brings us a strange novel set in 19th Century Mexico. While that doesn’t seem so strange, the Doctor in the title is the creator of a group of part animal, part human hybrids who do his bidding. Should be a dark and interesting journey.


By: Sharon Creech

This one is a tween novel, so a little shorter and quicker and should be easy to get in before it’s due back. However, it is written with poetry mixed in, which may slow me down or stop me all together. As indicated by the title, this story involves a cow and a 12 year old girl who is new to the Maine town. I do like a story with animals teaching humans all about friendship!


By: Emilia Hart

This one I have already returned in Kindle form when I didn’t get to it and checked out again, so I am really hoping not to have to repeat the process. This triple timeline novel about witches may be better for the fall anyway. It has already been featured in a previous TBR post, so now is the time!