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I always have three books on the go at one time. One on my Kindle, one paper book and a non fiction, usually religious book that I am reading in bite sized chunks. What I love is when all three are just really working and I can’t wait to pick each one up. This happened recently, and I just could not wait to share the three I am loving right now.

At The Coffee Shop of Curiosities

On my Kindle

This one doesn’t come out until August 1st, but I was able to read an ARC and it is fabulous. Author Heather Webber’s stories are always a great read and will pick up your mood anytime you pick them up.

A Sinister Revenge

Hardback Book

I always love it when I get a new book in a series that I enjoy. A Sinister Revenge is the latest in the Veronica Speedwell Series by Deanna Raybourn. Veronica is an unlikely detective disguised as a butterfly hunter. She and her paramour, Stoker, get in to all kinds of scrapes all over the world, always to end up back in their Follys working on their unusual museum in London. This is the eighth book in the series, so if you haven’t started, that is a lot of fun coming your way.

Home is Where My People Are

The Non Fiction I read bite by bite

Sophie’s books are more stories that devotionals, but they are fun, fun stories. Home is where my People Are is about her life and times, starting with a childhood in Mississippi. Since we are about the same age and grew up in similar areas, I relate so much to what she has to say. Her books are so relatable you can always find yourself saying, “Me Too!!”