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October started out deep in the Harry Potter series, so I am going to skip forward to a few books I read toward the end of the month.

What Happened To the Corbetts

By: Nevil Shute

My dad has been a Nevil Shute fan for as long as I can remember. Recently, he was re reading What Happened to the Corbetts and it sounded good so I borrowed it when he was done. Originally written in 1939, the novel turned out to be prophetic as it described the hardships of a regular family during the bombings of England. The struggles the family of five had dealing with finding milk for the baby and getting out of danger of falling bombs and disease spreading turned out to be so real. While sad, the story was compelling and a quick read.

The Last Devil to Die

By: Richard Osman

The fourth and latest in the Thursday Murder Club series, The Last Devil to Die, finds our favorite geriatric foursome on the brink of another murder. This time, Stephen’s friend and Antique store owner Kaldesh is found dead and the team is determined to get justice for him. The plot thickens as it turns out he was killed over a box of drugs that is still out there somewhere and the body count is rising as everyone tries to find it. This series has been good from the start and I feel like they are getting better as we go along. This was the best one yet. As usual, the gang will make you laugh and cry and root for the good guys to win and the devils to die.

Children of Blood and Bone

By: Tomi Adeyemi

When I picked this up as a Halloween read, I don’t think that I knew that this was the beginning of a series. It took me a few chapters to get in to the story and to really empathize with the characters. When we meet them, the king has purged the world of all those who have magic and enslaved those who might become magical due to their birth. The four main characters line up squarely on opposite sides of this ongoing battle. A timely story of how seeking to understand others can make our world’s more peaceful, the story moved at a fast pace that made it easy to read. Some parts were pretty brutal, so if that is not your thing stay away.