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Are you looking for a book that can take you away? But not all the way, away. We are not talking about Hogwarts or Narnia, but maybe a nice small town where magical things happen. A place where our heroine can do things that are not quite normal. I often find during stressful times that a little does of magical realism is just what I need. Here are two of my favorite authors that combine a heartwarming story with just the right amount of magic stirred in.

Sarah Addison Allen

Allen’s ethereal settings make her books all the more enchanting. Her characters are often houses and trees and gardens with place being as important as the people. Her most recent novel came out in 2015, so if you haven’t discovered her yet, now is the time to catch up.

Heather Webber

Webber’s stories are just as magical and also set in small towns. In hers, place is also important as each on focuses on a place central to the town. There is a magical tree, a bakery and a healing lake that grants wishes. Each one will make you want to immediately get in your car to visit, if only they weren’t fictional.