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Sisters- The Veronica Speedwell Series (8 books so far)

The Veronica Speedwell series is set in Victorian London, it’s a little steampunk and a little Victoria. Veronica is a butterfly hunting, confirmed bachelorette who finds herself involved in solving mysteries with her unlikely sidekick, Stoker. It’s got romance and a leading lady with sass!

Mom- Thursday Murder Club (3 books so far)

The Thursday Murder Club has started a whole new genre where seniors are the amateur detectives. The residents of Coopers Chase retirement village meet every Thursday to solve cold cases. But these four are not what they seem and turn out to be quite good at what they do!

Grandmother- The Mitford Series (14 books)

The last book in this series was published in 2017, but my grandmother would read these over and over and I was even thinking it might be a time for a reread. Mitford is a small town and it is so relaxing to spend some time with the amazing cast of characters led by Father Tim! The Christmas Book in this series- Shepherd’s Abiding is one I return to every year.

Your Aunt that Misses Downton Abbey- The Gilded Newport Series (10 books so far)

It’s the late 1800s in Newport, RI, what’s not to love. The golden age of “cottages” and balls finds Emma Cross (a lesser Vanderbilt relative) trying to make it as a lady reporter. Her tenuous admission to all the galas and events often finds her in the midst of MURDER.

Any guy in your family who is hard to buy for- The Inspector Gamache Series (18 books so far)

Actually, this Louise Penny series set in the hard to find, not on the map town of Three Pines is great for anyone. Foodies will love the Bistro, travelers will love the town in Quebec and sometimes other settings, everyone loves the gentle, intelligent Inspector Gamache. On top of all of that, the writing is beautiful and the stories intriguing but not gory. The 18th book in this series just released on Nov. 28.