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By: Jane Johnson

Janey, Mila and Magda are three generations of women who buy a rundown house in Cornwall and resolve to fix it up and open a B&B. This is the last time this book makes sense. Everyone in the village is scared of the house, but not really with any reason, the town vicar is evil but no one cares and none of the characters are likable. Oh, and the child, Janey, has a pet rabbit that seems to be possessed but no one seems to notice. It’s alot of tropes in one book and none of them work on their own much less together. The ending is far fetched, almost as if Johnson just wrote and wrote and then decided it was time to stop. There is magic, but we never really find out if it was magic or someone was manipulating everyone. Characters pop up with no real backstory. A lot of people love Jane’s books because of their connection to myths and legends, so it’s possible I just don’t know enough about the myths of Cornwall to really get what was going on.