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By: Ann Guirre

This book has a great cover and the premise seems enchanting. A group of outliers, people who feel left out of their families for various reasons, find each other in a charming purple rooming house. It seemed like a good story and there were supposed to be witches so I read the whole thing. Really wish I hadn’t. It was very poorly written and while it seemed to be trying overly hard to support the LGBTQ community, it didn’t really do that very well. The magic part was kind of tacked on here and there, just to make sure there was some kind of magic in it and that seemed to be the only way to make sure it ended on a happy note, all problems are just magically solved. None of the characters are particularly likable, and the main romantic couple is really more of a creepy stalker situation. I would love to say that anyone who feels in need of a family that accepts them would love this story, but that is just not the case.