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By: Spencer Quinn

I was super excited to get a free ARC from NetGalley of Spencer Quinn’s new novel. I have read most of the Chet and Bernie series and I love those mysteries as seen through the eyes of Chet the dog. Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge is told from the point of view of a human, so I was interested in how that would read. What was great is that Mrs. Plansky was just as fun a narrator as Chet.

Mrs. Plansky, Loretta, is a widow in her 70s who is coming to terms with life in a senior community, after selling her toaster knife business for several million. A fake phone call from her “grandson” and learning too late that it is not smart to have the same password for every account lead Loretta on an adventure she had never dreamed of.

Aside from seeing the adventure from Loretta’s point of view, we also spend some chapters with the criminals. This adds a depth to the book.

We hear about the elderly getting scammed out of their money all the time, what makes Loretta special is that she decides to go to Romania to get it back. This book was a fun ride with Loretta and the scammers and a quick read. I listened to this book on audio, which was an excellent way to follow the adventures!