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I didn’t read as much in May as I did in April, but June is looking like I will have a lot of reading time. In May, I want to highlight three books with one commonality. All three have dual timelines and take us back to interesting points of history.

Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club

Small Town – Restaurant Business – Family

This book has my favorite cover I have seen all summer. I love the cheery covers. Lakeside Supper Club Follows three generations of women who are involved with the Lakeside Supper Club. Some who love it, some who are trying to leave it. The stories of these three women is woven in and out of the story of the club and the small town it sits in. A lovely, small town story with all the typical small town characters, including an old lady who waits for more than a month for her daughter to pick her up at church. A quick read, and well worth it.

The White Lady

Historical – Ex Spies – Uncovering Truth

In this dual timeline historical fiction novel, we meet Elinor as both a child and an ex-spy living in a grace and favor house in a small village. Both timelines are fascinating stories of war and its aftermath and what people are willing to do for their country and their family. It’s a heavy book and I try not to ready too many war books in a year, but this one was well worth it.


Mystery – Australia – Multi Generational

I haven’t read many books set in Australia and I loved that aspect of this mystery novel. I did have to keep reminding myself that it was Christmas even though it was so hot and everyone was having picnics. This dual timeline follows Jess as she returns home to care for her grandmother who raised her in 2018 and the strange deaths of a family in 1959. After her grandmother passes away, Jess must figure out how the deaths are connected to her grandmother and what really happened that day. The setting in Homecoming makes it feel epic and sweeping and you will have a hard time putting this one down.