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By: Debbie Johnson

Ella is running from grief and disappointment, when her car breaks down and she ends up in a small, beach town near Cornwall. On her way into town, she attracts a stray dog the town children had taken to calling the “weresheep”. The unapologetically quirky residents of Starshine Cove immediately warm to her and even offer her a job if she wants to stay.

This is the second book in a row I have read that features a pandemic and post pandemic plot line. After the first, I thought maybe it was too soon and at the same time, too late. Escape to Starshine Cove handled it way better, dealing with the mental toll it took on so many people.

I would encourage anyone looking for a light, fun, uplifting read to pre-order this one today, or pick it up when it comes out tomorrow. It is sparkly and happy and will leave you with a comforted, happy feeling. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for this review.