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We have probably all been binge watching Netflix, Amazon and all the other services for entertainment. We might be frying our brains a little. It might be time to pick up a book, so here are some book series we can binge read and feel smarter!

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Harry Potter SeriesJ.K. Rowling– If you haven’t read these yet, now is the time! All of the Harry Potter books are page turners, so you won’t find yourself getting bored about book 5. Then you can finally stop asking people, “What’s a Dobby?”.

The Veronica Speedwell Series Deanna Raybourn– If you are looking for something a little less main stream and a little more edgy, try the Veronica Speedwell Series. Veronica is a butterfly hunter with a shadowy past. She becomes entangled with a natural historian named Stoker and there is no end to their adventures.

The All Souls Trilogy- Deborah Harkness– If you really can’t stop binge watching, the All Souls Trilogy is now a TV Series. Diana is a young scholar in Oxford who has spent her whole life denying her magical background. She soon finds she can’t run away anymore when the whole magical world comes looking for her. Then she meets a vampire and, pardon the pun, all hell breaks loose.

The Liz Talbot Series- Susan M. Boyer– If you are looking for something you can breeze right through, Liz Talbot is your girl. Liz and her partner, Nate are Private Detectives centered on an island called Stella Maris, just north of Charleston, SC. With her wild and crazy family and neighbors and an alarming amount of murder for such a pleasant town, these books fly by and if you are left wanting more, there are eight of them so you have plenty!

The Fairy Tale Inheritance Series- Shonna Slayton– And Finally, if you want to share a series with your tween or even your tween self, then check out the Fairy Tale Inheritance series. What if objects and characters from the fairy tales were real and still around? Things like Cinderella’s shoes and dress, Belle’s rose and Snow White’s mirror, these are all the subjects of the books in this series. Bring a bit of magic into your quarantine with this series.