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By: Clare McIntosh

I was fortunate to get a free ARC of A Game of Lies from NetGalley in exchange for this honest review. A Game of Lies is the second novel in the DC Morgan Series, so naturally, I had to go back and read the first in the series, The Last Party.

I thoroughly enjoyed both mystery/ thriller novels, but I think Game of Lies was my favorite (well, so far, hoping there will be more). It starts with a group of contestants gathering in a remote area of Wales, on Mirror Lake (Llyn Drych). They all think they are in for a survival contest where they will have to fend for themselves. In two early twists, they learn they are actually there because they each have a terrible secret and one by one the game will reveal them to world, unless they turn on each other. Then, a contestant goes missing and the whole enterprise starts to go off the rails, all the way to murder.

DC Ffion Morgan is called in to help solve the crimes and navigate the sticky situation this small village finds itself in. While many feel the show is cruel, the public can’t seem to stop watching. DC Morgan is more flawed than some crime drama detectives that I have met in other books, but you end up liking her because of it. Especially when you meet her rescue dog, Dave, who lightens the book when it can get a little dark. If you like your British crime dramas on tv, you will like Mackintosh’s DC Morgan series.