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I will tell you. They are just like old friends. I can always pick up a book in a cozy mystery series that I love and be sure that I will enjoy it and it will be comfortable. It’s like your favorite pair of yoga pants. Once you find a series you love, you can grab one and a cup of tea and know you are in for a cozy time.

The characters will become like old friends and reading will be like a visit with them to see what is going on. There are series for everyone and everything. There are series set in the south, England, the islands, New England or the Pacific Northwest. There are series based around bookstores, cooking and knitting. There are sleuths that are old, young, male and female. You can certainly find one that suits your interests or lifestyle.

Below are some of my favorite series, but checkout The Brown Dog Bookshop for more options. First is the LIz Talbot series, the Lowcountry books. These charming stories are set on a fictitious island near Charleston. Liz solves her mysteries with the help of her deceased high school friend. Next, is the Chet and Bernie series. Bernie is the human detective, while the stories are told from the perspective of Chet the dog. The Lady Hardcastle books are set in England, where mature Lady Hardcastle and her life long maid solve the murders that occur in their small hamlet more often than you would think. Finally, as a knitter, I love the knitting mystery series. The main character and I share a name and a love of the Colorado mountains. This series is 16 books long, though and get a bit thin after about the 10th or so.

So check these out or find a series that you love. If you do, please let me know in the comments below!