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Some of the country has already had Spring Break and some are still to come, and then there are those who just wish they still got a Spring Break. Here are some book suggestions for all of you!

Disney-ites – The Kingdom Keeper Series

Headed to Disney or wish you were! The Kingdom Keepers Series is a great pick for reading along with your kiddos. In this series, starting with Disney After Dark, four Orlando teens have been turned into virtual hosts in the Disney Parks, making them minor celebrities. One night, they start showing up in the parks in their holograms after they go to sleep at night. When things start going wrong in the park, it seems these four are the only hope. All ages will love these adventurous stories that will make you want to book your fast passes, if you haven’t already.

Beach Trippers- The Islanders Duo

If you are headed for a relaxing week at your favorite beach, try the Islanders series, only two books and light, easy reading, this series could easily be enjoyed by the whole family while sitting by the pool. Jake is sent to live with his Grandmother on tiny, carless Dewees Island for the summer. He makes friends and learns all about conservation of island life and a little more about his dad. This would be a great audio book for the trip down and a follow up conversation about taking care of the beaches we love to visit.

Spring Break is always a good time to get your kid into Harry Potter