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October is a time for witchy reads and I certainly read a lot of those.

All of the witch books set the mood for the month, but it got to be a bit heavy. It seems like witches have gotten to be very political. So I took some breaks from the witching books and added some #TBRs to my October Reading.

We Are the Brennans had been sitting on my TBR since it came out. I kept seeing people who loved it, so I finally got it in from the library. It is a fun story about a family trying to recover from the past and move on together. There is a light mystery involved, but that is definitely not the main point of the story.

The Enchanted Garden Cafe is not a witch book, but it definitely had magic! And a bit of a political statement as well. Fiona and her eclectic mother, Claire, will have you rooting against the big corporation that is trying to take over their quaint magic shop. This enchanting cast of characters will keep you wanting to read on. This book also has a light mystery, but once again, you read on to make sure that Fiona makes it out all right!