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The Sweet Taste of Muscadines

Family Secrets – Homecoming – Siblings

In a tale as old as time, a woman who grew up in the south and fled as soon as she was grown to escape the small town life, returns upon the death of her mother. While planning the party her mother requested instead of a funeral, secrets start popping up all over like a muscadine vine

I had already read and loved Pamela Terry’s new release, When The Moon Turns Blue, and this one drew me right in with the most accurate description of what it’s like to live through a tornado ripping your roof off I have ever read. I know, because I lived through a tornado ripping my roof off. Terry’s storytelling will draw you in and the characters will make you want to find out how it ends!

The School for Whatnots

Middle Grade – Social Commentary – Friendship

Max and Josie have been best friends since they started kindergarten together. So when Josie vanishes after fifth grade leaving behind only a note that says, “No matter what anyone tells you, I am real.” Max has to find her and figure out the truth.

For a middle grade book, there is a lot of depth here. What happens when the gap between rich and poor gets so wide that the rich parents will do anything to “protect” their kids? The budding middle schoolers in this easy read will capture your hearts and make you root for them as they teach the parents a thing or to about friendship.

The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone

Heartwarming – Magical – Love Story

Myra Malone spends most of her time alone in her attic with her dollhouse creating furniture and redecorating the rooms over and over again. Her PR friend, Gwen decides to put her creations and house online so that the world can see it and Myra can make enough money to keep the house her beloved Grandpa built. When Alex Rakes sees the blog online and realizes that the Minuscule Mansion is actually the house he lives in, Myra won’t be able to keep the whole world out any longer.

Audrey Burges takes us on a magical trip through two timelines as we learn about the miniature house’s origins as well the full scale version. The descriptions of the contents of both houses and the tragic lives of the women who are connected to them make this a must read!