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By: Alexandra Kiley

A little bit Hallmark movie, a lot of Scotland.

Addie spends most of her time on the road for her job as a travel industry consultant. However, this is her first time in Scotland, the land her late mother fell in love with on her honeymoon. She carries a few polaroids of her mom in locations all over Scotland and has always wanted to visit them. Once she meets Logan and his family who run the business she has been hired to help, the personal and the professional start to get mixed up.

I loved the tour of Scotland in this book, however it’s not totally geographically accurate. And someone being able to drive a tour van in a foreign country on the wrong side of the road to a remote location seem pretty far fetched. There was charm in the landscape and the story of a family trying to share their heritage were touching. That was the reason I picked this one up and the things I liked about it. On the other side, the romance seemed forced and there was no chemistry implied, just said hey these two are hot for each other. Neither main character was particularly likable. I prefer cozy mysteries set in Scotland, but if open door romance is more your thing, this one is not bad.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of Kilt Trip in exchange for this honest review.

Comes out March 5th!