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The Jekyll Island Chronicles: Volume I- A Machine Age War

By: Steve NedvidekEd CrowellJack LoweMoses Nester (Illustrations)

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This was my first graphic novel, chosen for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge. Isn’t that the whole point of the challenge, to read things that you normally wouldn’t? I though this would be the one that I enjoyed the least (that turned out to be the biography!), but it wasn’t. I really enjoyed this Super Heroes meet history tale.

In Volume 1 of the Jekyll Island Chronicles, we find the world finishing up a war and hoping for a long time of peace. Meanwhile, on Jekyll Island the President is addressing the likes of Vanderbilt, Morgan and Carnegie. He feels that there is still a threat out there and he needs these men to help him neutralize it.

Enter our superheroes, who are normal people with one small extraordinary trait that the intelligence and money of these men can magnify to their advantage.

I liked being able to see what is happening and the story was fascinating with bits of history woven in. I won’t say I will be reading graphic novels all the time now, but may throw in one or two!

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