Northanger Abbey

By: Jane Austen

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The last book in the Brown Dog Reading Challenge!!! A book that is more than one hundred years old, Northanger Abbey. Believe it or not this is my first foray into Jane Austen.

I chose this one of hers because it was her first novel, although it wasn’t published until after her death. In retrospect, maybe I should have started with one of her other, more famous novels. This one was just so silly. The characters are all so bad. The women silly and the men awful and arrogant.

Our main character, Catherine, is sent with a childless couple to season in Bath so that she can find a husband. Which I realize is just what it was like then, but she just acts so dumb the whole time. She is later invited to visit the sister of her crush and automatically assumes their father is holding their mother captive, WHAT?

I had to slog my way through it and now I will have to decide whether or not to give Jane another chance.

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