Cocktails for Three

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By: Madeleine Wickham

I chose Cocktails for Three from my local Little Free Library to qualify for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge because I was ready for some good, easy chick lit.

This certainly fit the bill. Roxanne, Maggie and Candice work together at the Londoner Magazine and once a month meet up at a swanky bar for cocktails. When we meet the trio, Roxanne is tanned from all of her trips as the travel writer, Maggie is leaving for maternity leave and Candice stumbles upon a victim of her father’s Ponzi scheme.

Over the next few months, we discover that each one is not what they seem and the secrets they have will briefly tear them apart, before nicely pulling them back together better than ever. (This is not a spoiler, its chick lit people, you know what is going to happen.)

This is a perfect book for your beach bag as we head in to the summer season, if not altogether great literature.

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