A Gentleman in Moscow

By: Amor Towles

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A Gentleman in Moscow was my pick from a celebrities book club for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge. I used the term celebrity a little loosely but I have been listening to a new Podcast from Anne Bogel called “What should I read next?” and this was her book club pick. (check out Anne’s blog, podcast, books or reading lists here, your “To Be Read” will get a lot bigger!)

A Gentleman in Moscow was a Book Club pick for Anne. She had discussed it many times on her podcast, so I knew some of what was coming. Count Rostov is an aristocrat who is sentenced by the Bolsheviks to a lifetime in a luxury hotel in Moscow. He is moved from his suite to a small attic room and there he will live out his life.

He still manages to meet and befriend so many interesting people, but as the entire story takes place inside the same hotel, this is not a fast paced romp, but a slow unfolding of the Count’s life spent there.

It was a wandering good story, but not an easy read as you do yearn for a change of scenery, much the same way the Count does.

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