2019 Reading Challenge

DONE!!! I have finished this year’s Reading Challenge. See all of my chose books and their reviews below!

Updates! See below as I get started on my challenge.

In preparation for an unforgettable 2019 of reading, The Brown Dog has created a 30 book reading challenge. See below for the challenge outline and details. Click here for a printable bookmark to keep up with your challenge progress. Join the Facebook group here.

Check often for suggestions and reviews, as well as progress of my own challenge.

A Book…

26 thoughts on “2019 Reading Challenge

  1. […] What happens when a social climber gets her wish and marries a titled man in modern day England? We get the answer in Snobs, by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey, my choice for my book with a one word title in the 2019 The Brown Dog Reading Challenge. […]

  2. […] chose Jane Eyre as my Classic for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge. I had already read the retelling of the classic- The Flight of Gemma Hardy, so I couldn’t […]

  3. […] Jasper Forde’s Thursday Next series, you can understand why I chose this quirky read for the 2019 Brown Dog reading challenge as my Librarian recommendation. I loved Thursday Next and Shades of Grey is just as […]

  4. […] chose Tomorrow for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge as my book with a dog as the main character. And not only is the dog the main character, he is also […]

  5. […] Gentleman in Moscow was my pick from a celebrities book club for the 2019 Brown Dog Reading Challenge. I used the term celebrity a little loosely but I have been listening to a new Podcast from Anne […]

  6. […] chose Queen Bee for a book published in 2019 for the Brown Dog Reading Challenge because I always love everything written by Frank. Especially in the summer when I am headed out on […]

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